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Adjectival modifiers

In mineralogical nomenclature, it is important to distinguish the name proper from adjectival modifiers that may precede the name and are not connected to it. An adjectival modifier is not considered to be part of the mineral name, and is normally used to indicate a compositional variant, e.g., ferroan manganotantalite, where ferroan is the adjectival modifier that indicates the presence of some ferrous iron, and manganotantalite is the name proper. It is recommended that Latinderived adjectives should be used wherever possible (Hey & Gottardi 1980), e.g., natrian versus sodian, and kalian versus potassian. The adjectival modifiers recommended by Schaller (1930) have found general acceptance, and they have been augmented by additional ones in the more comprehensive list of adjectival modifiers published by Nickel & Mandarino (1987). In constructing an adjectival modifier that is not in the list, the ending oan is to be used for the ion with the lower valency, and ian for the higher. If the valency of an element in a particular mineral is not known, the adjectival modifier derived from the more likely, or more common, valence state of the element should be used.

As adjectival modifiers are not considered to be a part of the mineral name, they should be ignored in the preparation of alphabetical indexes. Occasionally an adjectival modifier is given in the form of a hyphenated chemical prefix, e.g., Li-tosudite, rather than lithian tosudite or lithium-bearing tosudite. Such usage is incorrect and should be avoided.


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