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Комиссия IMA по новым минералам и названиям минералов: нормы и рекомендации по номенклатуре минералов, 1998 Префиксы в названиях минералов

Prefixes in mineral names

In applying compositional prefixes to mineral names, it is recommended that Latin-derived prefixes be used instead of other linguistic derivatives (Hey & Gottardi 1980), e.g., ferro- instead of eisen-, natri- instead of soda-, or stanno- instead of olovo-.

Prefixes are an integral part of the mineral name, and should generally be treated as such in the preparation of alphabetical compilations or indexes. However, an exception can be made in the case of prefixed symbols such as Greek letters or their spelled-out Latin equivalents, which may be positioned after the main name in alphabetical listings; e.g., ß-roselite may be written as roselite-ß or roselite-beta.

The prefix para should be used only for names of dimorphs or polymorphs of known minerals. The prefix meta should be used only for names of lower hydrates of known minerals.


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